How Those Teeny Tiny Kind Actions Make a World of a Difference in This Big Lonely World – The Perez Sisters

Cafecito Break Live at the Hive with Alex and RA

*RA and Alex share their insights about honoring our Elders with Kindness and Compassion (even those cranky stinky ones )

*Alex and RA share their reflection “we decided to make our own music”

*they introduce Cafecito’s latest community members…

*Alex and RA share their love blessing with all of their listeners

*RA shares stories Elders have shared with her about the way others mistreat, disrespect or talk down to them.

*Alex shares examples of how we can be more helpful to the Elders that are our neighbors.

*The Perez sisters talk about owning/being aware of your vibe

*Elder Wisdom – Never deny someone a “good morning” 😉

be gentle and have fun in this game called life. – love ur sistars! 

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Love RA and Alex
Holistic Mystic Critical Thinking Mamacitas

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The Perez Sisters Talk Love, Mind, Body, and Rituals

Live from ZEN DAY at Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn a CAFECITO BREAK PODCAST with Alex and RA

A Cheers-like Community Vibe with The Perez Sisters at Beehive

Enjoy LIVE FB Cafecito Podcast hits with the Alex and RA, vibe with BK locals, and feel good about supporting a local business,

Wednesdays 11am-12pm
Beehive Oven Biscuit Café – Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(347) 987 – 4960
182 South 2nd Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Please call the restaurant to RSVP.

Preshow with RA – updates and cafecito confessions:

Welcome #shakewhatyamamagaveya – We always start with a dance:

Then we introduce the Brooklyn Beehive Rat Pack 

Que pasa at Beehive – We catch up with Biscuit Princess/Staff and share community announcements

Botanikal Khronikals – Can we share more LOVE and Love poetry and poems?