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No BS before Cafecito and Healthy Boundaries

tremendo bullship bag
Do you want to buy a bag of Tremendo Bullships?

Tremendo Bullship means tremendous big poopies. We all have tremendo bullship in our lives. These can come as life challenges or via unnecessary dramas in life such as intrusive people or those humans that just love to complain all day long. Although the bag and the message is light hearted and funny, what is not funny is how exhausting it is to deal with these kinds of people and energies all of the time. It is draining, toxic, and stressful.

This tote bag is a light reminder of starting to set those healthy boundaries with a message that says, No Tremendo Bullship before my cafecito, in other words… no bs before my coffee. 🙂

Tremendo Bullship is also the name of our teeny comedy podcast in Spanish with Parita Conchita Morales Correa… a wise old woman who shares her rants about the world she experiences and witnesses directly. She is politically incorrect. She has a foul mouth and says it like she sees it. Freedom of speech and expression are very important to her and so is laughter, conversations, family, community, and presence.

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