How Those Teeny Tiny Kind Actions Make a World of a Difference in This Big Lonely World – The Perez Sisters

Cafecito Break Live at the Hive with Alex and RA

*RA and Alex share their insights about honoring our Elders with Kindness and Compassion (even those cranky stinky ones )

*Alex and RA share their reflection “we decided to make our own music”

*they introduce Cafecito’s latest community members…

*Alex and RA share their love blessing with all of their listeners

*RA shares stories Elders have shared with her about the way others mistreat, disrespect or talk down to them.

*Alex shares examples of how we can be more helpful to the Elders that are our neighbors.

*The Perez sisters talk about owning/being aware of your vibe

*Elder Wisdom – Never deny someone a “good morning” 😉

be gentle and have fun in this game called life. – love ur sistars! 

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Love RA and Alex
Holistic Mystic Critical Thinking Mamacitas

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The Perez Sisters Talk Love, Mind, Body, and Rituals

Live from ZEN DAY at Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn a CAFECITO BREAK PODCAST with Alex and RA

A Cheers-like Community Vibe with The Perez Sisters at Beehive

Enjoy LIVE FB Cafecito Podcast hits with the Alex and RA, vibe with BK locals, and feel good about supporting a local business,

Wednesdays 11am-12pm
Beehive Oven Biscuit Café – Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(347) 987 – 4960
182 South 2nd Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Please call the restaurant to RSVP.

Preshow with RA – updates and cafecito confessions:

Welcome #shakewhatyamamagaveya – We always start with a dance:

Then we introduce the Brooklyn Beehive Rat Pack 

Que pasa at Beehive – We catch up with Biscuit Princess/Staff and share community announcements

Botanikal Khronikals – Can we share more LOVE and Love poetry and poems?


Botanikal and Cafecito Break Promo

Sweet delicious blessings

Meet Alex and RA – sisters of Spiritual Metaphysical Shop Botanikal and Producers of Cafecito Break Podcasts.


No BS before Cafecito and Healthy Boundaries

tremendo bullship bag
Do you want to buy a bag of Tremendo Bullships?

Tremendo Bullship means tremendous big poopies. We all have tremendo bullship in our lives. These can come as life challenges or via unnecessary dramas in life such as intrusive people or those humans that just love to complain all day long. Although the bag and the message is light hearted and funny, what is not funny is how exhausting it is to deal with these kinds of people and energies all of the time. It is draining, toxic, and stressful.

This tote bag is a light reminder of starting to set those healthy boundaries with a message that says, No Tremendo Bullship before my cafecito, in other words… no bs before my coffee. 🙂

Tremendo Bullship is also the name of our teeny comedy podcast in Spanish with Parita Conchita Morales Correa… a wise old woman who shares her rants about the world she experiences and witnesses directly. She is politically incorrect. She has a foul mouth and says it like she sees it. Freedom of speech and expression are very important to her and so is laughter, conversations, family, community, and presence.

Are you ready to buy your bag of Tremendo Bullships? Then click here…

Your contribution supports our podcast and community events.

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Rosangel Perez creator of Cafecito Break Podcasts and Tremendo Bullship Teeny Pod 


This Sunday in Brooklyn – Dec 10th

Christmas Social

Cafecito Break Holiday Tribal Marketa – Hosted by The Perez Sisters Alex Perez and Rosangel Perez

DATE: Sunday, Dec 10th
TIME: 2pm-6pm
WHERE -St Paul’s Lutheran Church
WHERE -334 South 5th Street corner of Rodney) BK NY 11211

*Alex and Rosangel of Botanikal – crystals, smudgesticks, candles, incense
*Aracelis Burgos -Nurse No Me Joda
*Besitos Dulces – Puerto Rican Style Desserts
*Danny Cohen – Gratitude Coach and Author of “Keep on Keeping On”
*Eva Serrano – Balvina Maitri -body oils, body scrubs, candles, soaps
*Nathan Realm Bunce -Visual artist, Painter, Sculptor and Mask Maker founder of Eclecentric Arts and Creations – vejigantes
*Evelyn Jimenez – Spirit in Motion Jewelry
*Joann Jimenez – Everything Soulful – Oils for the body, mind and soul
*Sylvia Hernandez – Brooklyn Quilt Girl
*Jovian Fells – J Fells Photography – Specializing in cityscapes and nature
*Lotus Libertad – pouchitos – hand made knitted pouches for crystals

ARRIVE EARLY and enjoy some biscuits and jam from Beehive Oven Biscuit Café – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

MORE DETAILS – live Cafecito Break Podcast. Free Coffee and water (while supplies last)
Sun Dec 10th, 2017


Also included….
FREE Plena Class with Evelyn Jimenez
Raffle Prizes
We will also be collecting monetary donations for relief efforts for Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, and Mexico

#cafecitobreak #community #podcast #supportlocal

Thank you,
Rosangel and Alexandra Perez

Small Business Saturday…

Hi Juicy Beings,

Botanikal will open Sat, Nov 25th, 11am-7pm.

While you are out shopping for your gifts, please consider supporting small businesses, local businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Small businesses help create community in their neighborhoods, they had little touches of warmth, neighborly goodness, and home.

It is important that we support those dreamers/visionaries that dare to live their life in the way they feel called to contribute.

btw, we wanted to share that Botanikal was #spotlighted by  Our beautiful sister Ludmila Leiva wrote one of the most beautiful pieces regarding our shop, our community efforts, and more.  Please check it out here:

#support #local #shop #small #business

Have a blessed holiday.  See you soon.

your sisters, Alexandra and Rosangel