Love Shouts

Rev Tom Martinez – Go Perez sisters!!! These women are exploring powerful alternative (indigenous) approaches to healing. Check out their “Cafecito” podcast!

Vinicius Viera de Viera –   Its a wonderful thing to trade locally and fair. Thank you for the good work and beautiful space.

Stephanie Davis Garzoli – This shop is magical! These lovely beings of light and love guide you through their treasures which will enlighten and connect you. I have always walked away with a peaceful feeling and an amazing batch of new insight!

Nancy Ramos – Amazing place full of knowledge as well as GENUINE people great place to visit!

Nicolas Hernandez Serrano – Brilliant. Love lives here. Rare in this heartless world.

Nina Knowell – Botanikal is a heavenly place stocked with items to fill your heart & soul.

Mia Roldon – Botanikal is full of such beautiful energy! Thank you Perez sisters for being so helpful and compassionate!