Our Story

We are sisters on a journey, image
we are best friends, business partners, entrepreneurs, and green brujas at heart.

We feel such a connection to our beautiful mama earth and feel called to share her natural medicine and teachings as we learn them.

We are learning so much from the medicine she has available for us. Medicine in the teachings of night and day, the seasons, and the days of the week. Medicine in the way of plant and flowers, trees, and rocks. Medicine such as crystals, medicinal and ceremonial herbs. Medicine that we share from our hearts to yours, when we connect in ceremony, when we connect at a gathering, or simply bumping into you on the street. Each one of these instances is sacred… They provide an opportunity for connection, for expansion, for understanding, and so much more.

Our business was just a day dream a few years ago. Today, we are grateful to be witnessing the seeds of our day dreams sprouting and growing in love.

We often hear from our customers which include energy healers, mediums, psychics, business men and women, teachers, people in service, for example that our stones vibrate love. And that is because we honor our crystal and herb friends and appreciate their strong medicinal value.

We are here in service, here to answer your questions, and here to guide you along your path towards creating sacred space and cultivating a life that feels good.

Many blessings on your journey.

The Perez Sisters NYC ~ Alex and Rosangel

Botanikal – offering hand selected crystals, gemstones, incense, ceremonial & cleansing herbs, journals, and more.

Servicing Williamsburg, Brooklyn & Select NYC locations

Services offered:
Sage/Palo Santo Blessing
Semi Private Crystal Classes
Sisterhood Circles

Available for Private Parties.

Muchas bendiciones,
Thank you for visiting our site,

Email: theperezsistersnyc@gmail.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ThePerezSistersNYC/


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