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Alex and RA - Sisters, Best Friends, Medicine Women, Podcasters and Community Girls

We are best friends, business partners, entrepreneurs, podcasters, community girls, and green brujas at heart.

We  feel such a connection to our beautiful mama earth and feel called to  share her natural medicine and teachings as we learn them.

We are learning so much from the medicine she has available for us.  Medicine in the teachings of night and day, the seasons, and the days of  the week. Medicine in the way of plant and flowers, trees, and rocks.  Medicine such as crystals, medicinal and ceremonial herbs. Medicine that  we share from our hearts to yours, when we connect in ceremony, when we  connect at a gathering, or simply bumping into you on the street. Each  one of these instances is sacred… They provide an opportunity for  connection, for expansion, for understanding, and so much more.

Our business was just a day dream a few years ago. Today, we are  grateful to be witnessing the seeds of our day dreams sprouting and  growing in love.

We often hear from our customers which include energy healers,  mediums, psychics, business men and women, teachers, people in public  service, for example that our stones vibrate love. And that is because  we honor our crystal and herb friends and appreciate their strong  medicinal value.

We are here in service, here to answer your questions, lovingly guide  you along your path towards creating sacred space and cultivating a  life that feels good.

Many blessings on your journey.

The Perez Sisters,  Alex and Rosangel


Our Shop is Temporarily Closed. But Ask Us About Shipping!


Hand Selected by The Perez Sisters – Alex Perez & Rosangel Perez 

Packaged with Love

Each care package includes:
2 crystals
a smudge stick OR palo santo
and a tiny gratitude herb pouch
(based on availability – Our gratitude offerings are created with love and prayers of prosperity and peace)

Avail Packages:
*Peace & Grounding
*Love & Protection
*Prosperity & New Beginnings
*Intuition & Expression



 We Can Ship it to You or Someone You Love (within USA)
$25.00 plus Shipping & Handling $10..00 – Total $35.00


Email us your Package Request  *Make sure to include Name of 

Recipient, Email Address and Shipping Address*


Need a custom care package? See Attachment for current menu of options and Add on’s (based on availability)
We can help you. Email us at


Scary Times For Small Businesses

Our lil shop is more than just a shop. Botanikal is a teeny sanctuary  in the heart of Williamsburg. 

 We dream of expanding to a bigger space to be able to better serve  you and offer more classes and workshops.  

If you would like to make an Appreciation Donation, 

feel free to contribute here: 

Click the link that follows.

Thank you and Many Blessings!  love Alex and RA



We are grateful for all of you who take a moment and offer a kind word.  It helps us more than you know! blessings! Alex and RA

Please read below for TESTIMONIALS offered by our Botanikal Tribe

Grace Rawlins Such a lovely visit; our hearts are singing. So many high heart connections and unique finds.

Vicki Quiroz beautiful people loving healing hearts

Charlie Lopes  You guys are amazing. Thank you for the warm, genuine advice. It’s good to know there are others like me out there.

Kristin Kühn I loved this little shop, and there  will be no NYC visit for me without a trip to the heart-warming,  soul-feeding, magic-affirming Botanikal and her human creatrixes and  guardians! Thank you for your warm welcome and open-hearted, conscious  conversation.  The red sandalwood incense is a pleasure for the senses and soul.

Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman Rosangel lil wolf and  Alex Atabiera are like twin flames, lights that attract the Cosmic Heart  Energy within. Botanikal shares this light with all that walk in, it is  a vortex of delight with so many
beautiful medicine tools. An Abundance of Blessings and Love to you both.

Icy Night Such a cute little spot! Alex is great, love everything they offer here!

PHK ProjectHoodKids  Wonderful place with beautiful crystals and sages. The sisters will guide you on what suits you best ..

Adama Wiggan The owners are very pleasant and  helpful. I ended up spending more time in their store having a  conversation with them, and very happy with my crystals and candle. I’m  totally going back to buy more of the candles. They even recommended a  store next door for me to buy eucalyptus since I mentioned wanting it.  If I lived closer I’d be there all of the time. 

K. J. Love going to Botanikal, the girls are sweet & crystals sparkly 

KEIRIN CUT JEANS Alex was really helpful

Hope Watkins Very positive and uplifting experience. Alex helped me and was wonderful!

Maria Moreno Love this place. Rosangel and her  sister have great knowledge and wisdom about the products they sold.  Most important they care about you as a person and as a customer. They  are both kind, loving.. Beautiful atmosphere.. Recommended specially if  you are looking to buy different stones and want to know what they are  about.. Their selection is pretty beautiful.

Dee Savoy Had a fabulous time at the Botanikal  networking party!!! So glad to reconnect with Rosangel and Alex. Thanks  so much to Aracelis for inviting me. Love the shop—great vibes and good  selection. You won’t be disappointed!!!!

Elf Ling Awesome Amazingness! This sister owned business is as genuine as they come. I highly recommend checking them out!

Efrain de la Rosa III Great place to learn about yourself while finding a crystal that gives you a sense of purpose.

Regina Dimayo True personal passion for health and healing. Ask them ANY QUESTION!! Enjoy your visit.

Natalia Zamparini Thank you for my palo santo and girasol quartz! These ladies embody spirituality inside and outside! Beautiful souls!

Ruthie Guten Botanikal is an oasis of light and love in the midst of a busy commercial district.

Laurelle Rethke These magical sisters rock!!  Bringing love & light to Brooklyn!! Awesome Amazingness! This sister  owned business is as genuine as they come. I highly recommend checking  them out!

Thomas Elliot We thank you.

Charlie Lopes You guys are amazing. Thank you for the warm, genuine advice. It’s good to know there are others like me out there.

William Jaguar Paw My heart rejoices for having  finally met in person, the Perez sisters, Alex Perez and Rosangel  Perez,, owners of Botanikal , an Alternative & Holistic Health store  in Brooklyn NY, that I met through the wonders of FB over a year ago…  Two of the truly sweetest, sincere, honest, loving, compassionate souls I  have met in this life. I thank you both for your constant soul sharing  and unconditional love you give freely and unsparingly ~ What a  thoroughly soul enriching time of sharing we had with you both ~ My true  soul sisters and forever Tribe ~♥~ Thank you from my core — with  Rosangel Perez and Alex Perez in Brooklyn, New York.

Joann Jimenez Check out Botanikal… tools for  creating sacred space with lots of great energy in Williamsburg by these  beautiful sisters, Rosangel Perez and Alex Perez. Isn’t this the cutest  thang? I picked this up (referring to Ay Nena Intention Bracelet) at  their Tribal Market.

Ximena Leiva My favorite little place Botanikal — at The Shops at 240 Kent Ave.

Evelyn Curet The BEST remedies ever Thank you so much.

Kristin Kuehn I loved this little shop, and there  will be no NYC visit for me without a trip to the heart-warming,  soul-feeding, magic-affirming Botanikal and her human creatrixes and  guardians! Thank you for your warm welcome and open-hearted, conscious  conversation. The red sandalwood incense is a pleasure for the senses and soul.

Rev Tom Martinez Go Perez sisters!!! These women are  exploring powerful alternative (indigenous) approaches to healing.  Check out their “Cafecito” podcast!

Vinicius Viera de Viera Its a wonderful thing to trade locally and fair. Thank you for the good work and beautiful space.

Stephanie Davis Garzoli This shop is magical! These  lovely beings of light and love guide you through their treasures which  will enlighten and connect you. I have always walked away with a  peaceful feeling and an amazing batch of new insight!

Nancy Ramos Amazing place full of knowledge as well as GENUINE people great place to visit!

Eva Serrano Botanikal I’m in love with my intention bracelet.  I will forever wear it #connected

Nicolas Hernandez Serrano Brilliant. Love lives here. Rare in this heartless world.

Nina Knowell Botanikal is a heavenly place stocked with items to fill your heart & soul.

M Roldon Botanikal is full of such beautiful energy! Thank you Perez sisters for being so helpful and compassionate.


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12 Feet Apart - Mini Series where the Perez Sisters share their insights on this pandemic. 

We are located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

See you soon!

We appreciate our customers. Many have become friends. Some are now family.  

We pray that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

If we can help support you during this time, please  contact us for an online session, for our classes, or to order a care package for yourself or a loved one. 

We are currently shipping orders within the US.  

Inquire here for a Botanikal custom made care package hand selected by The Perez Sisters.

Botanikal Metaphysical Boutique

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